My name is Jamez Ingram. Welcome to my page. Here is a little bit about me and my journey. I am a retired basketball player who has been battling bone cancer for several years. Through battling cancer I ha e learned a great deal about the human body and how it works. Upon retiring do to a bad car accident I fell in love with the gym, working out and the concept of being able to push myself past natural limits. Now my passion as a Prep Coach, Basketball Coach, Master Trainer & Nutrionist is to help others go farther then I did. To reach new levels in any area of their lives. We do this by working on the mind, body and the spirit.
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My dream is to become the world's richest man and die penny less. To help as many people accomplish their dreams as possible. Also to help others advance to another level in their relationships.
I spend my time, Training, Coaching, Educating and sharing my love life with others.